• Hi Everyone

    First I want to thank you PFSense Team for this Amazing Software.

    OK I am new with PFSENSE, but not new with networking.

    I've installed a pfsense on VirtualBOX.
    I travel too much I want to have a secure connection from those hotspot networks I am using on the road. I have a very sensitive information on my laptop and What I mean is to use a virtualbox as a pfsense router from wifi hotsports to my computer.

    Here what I want to do.


    Just want all my TRAFIC to go trough PFSENSE FIREWALL

    thank you

  • Such a setup wouldn't encrypt communication between the public wifi and your laptop. All that would do is provide a firewall that is better then windows firewall. What you should be looking into is running pfsense from a home computer with openvpn server and then using the openvpn client on your laptop to connect to home.

    • Connect with your Smartphone to the Internet and via IPSec or APP to the home router and surf and mail
      from there with more being save then over a wireless AP that you are not controlling.
    • Start a ShrewSoftVPN client software that connects through the wireless AP to your home router and
      get even more again a better secured VPN connection as you will try it out.

    If you don´t want to use your Smartphone for that action there are also some nice small and mobile LTE
    routes out there with UMTS fall back is LTE is not reach able where you are staying.
    TP-Link MR3420
    TP-Link M5250
    TP-Link M5350
    TP-Link M7350

    If this all will be to much work for you or you are not able to buy something you might be thinking
    first over the security risk and perhaps you want then to boot from an USB thumb drive a LiveCD
    with your favorite Linux or BSD and then you will surf without any issues and leaving data traces.

  • I've been thinking about open VPN but Isn't this going to low down my speed. After all the hotspot's speed is low enough.

    Yes BlueKobold I am using Kali linux but It came the time that I am sorry that I never get deep into Linux this stupid windows each year become more more privacy nightmare specially now windows 10. I will probably keep using Kali for a time been
    I just waned to see if it is a good idea to setup virtual box with PFSENSE

    Thanks to all