Works in one location but not another

  • I'm new to pfsense so bear with me.  I have set up a pfsense box in my home connected to my modem.  All works as it should.  When I move the pfsense box to my work modem, I can't get on the internet at all.  The WAN port is DHCP.  The LAN port is  This works at home but not at work.  I can ping google from the pfsense box but can't resolve  I looked here

    and everything seems to check out.  Any suggestions?  Why would moving it to a different modem cause it to stop working?

  • I think I figured out what the issue was, though I had to install a different firewall/dhcp server to discover the answer.  I grew frustrated with trying to get pfsense working so I installed a differrent firewall.  I used the same procedure, install/configure at home and then take it to work and plug it in.  I was surprised to find the same issue - DNS not working.  Well there was a direct link to DNS settings on the home screen so I clicked it and lo and behold there were 2 DNS servers listed.  One was the address of my home modem and the other was the address of my work modem.  My home modem was listed first and the firewall didn't even attempt to use the address of my work modem for DNS.  I deleted the entry for my home modem and everything started to work.  My guess is that somewhere in the pfsense settings there is a similar listing, I just couldn't find it as I grew more and more frustrated.  I need to make another of these firewall/dhcp servers so I will again attempt to use pfsense.  This time I think I know what to look for so should be able to get it working.