• I wanted to test PowerD on my pfSense installation, and now I'm caught in a boot loop.  The box reboots before I can change the setting.  How can I disable it?  Thanks!

  • I ended up figuring it out.  Thank goodness for pfSense making periodic backups of it's config file.

    1. Boot into single user mode (during boot, hit 'S' at the pfSense menu)
    2. Hit enter when it asks for shell /bin/sh
    3. Mount filesystem Read\Write: /sbin/mount -o rw /
    4. Go to config folder: cd /conf
    5. Rename broken config.xml: mv config.xml config.xml.bak
    6. Go to config backup folder: cd backup
    7. Find latest backup config: ls -la
    8. Copy latest backup config to conf folder: cp config-<numbers>.xml ../config.xml
    9. Reboot: /sbin/reboot</numbers>