Dropping outgoing SMTP connections… why?

  • Hello everybody!

    i have 2 pfsense 2.1.5 boxes in HA with CARP and i have noticed than quite oftenly my smtp outgoing connections get dropped!

    i use postfix and i usually get postfix errors like "unknown mail transport error" and emails go to deferred queue. if i flush the queue manually, mails go out
    with no problems…

    i am 99% susre it is a pfesne issue since this do not happen with other servers i have that do not go trough pfsense!

    in LAN rules i do not have any connections limit anywhere... and when i check the virusprot list when the problem is in progress, the list is always empty!

    i have no snort installed.

    any idea on how to troubleshoot this dropped connections?

    apart from viruslist-connection_limits ... is there any other thing to check out to prevent connection dropping''?????

    Thanks in advance!


  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    Check your system logs, make sure your VIPs are not flapping back and forth. If they are fighting over MASTER status for whatever reason (usually an L2 issue), it could cause that sort of behavior.

  • Hi Jimp!! and thanks for your reply…

    it makes sense!!! i am going to check it out right now...

    Thanks again!


  • i am back !!!  with no luck…

    Jimp, neither errors  nor VIPs dancing...  :(

    Any further suggestion, please???

    Thanks again in advance!


  • Any suggestions? I am having the same problem. Once before it corrected when I reboot pfSense. But not this time.