Radtest to localhost OK but not to IP?

  • Hi all,

    Apologies to bring in the trouble but I've installed FreeRadius onto Pfsense. If you did a radtest to localhost, there will be an accepted response. But if you were to do a radtest to the IP that Pfsense is in (in this case, it does not work. Any ideas on this phenomena?

    Also apologies if this is in the wrong thread.

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    Check the logs, most likely it's not matching a configured NAS/Client when you test by IP address. The source is likely not an IP Address you have configured as a NAS/Client.

  • Specifically, check the /etc/raddb/clients.conf file. There should be an entry with the client address of the radtest source address and shared secret, similar to the following:

    client {
            secret          = shared-secret-pw
            shortname  = nas-name
            nastype      = other