3g usb dongle recommendation

  • Hello,

    Can somebody recommend me a 3g USB dongle which works well with pfsense?


  • Almost any modern Huawei stick will do the job.
    I've posted some guidelines earlier in the forum, please search. In short, 3272, 3276,3372 should work.
    Feel free to share what options you have.

  • My experience with Huawei devices hasnt been very good. However, I have only tried them with openwrt and not pfsense. With openwrt they have been very unstable with very frequent disconnections. The devices you listed seem to be 4G devices, i just need 3g UMTS dongle which should be cheaper.

  • Those devices are very power sensitive, especially 4G models.
    I'm not sure I've tested 3G sticks with pfSense earlier, but I have some older modems and potentially can try them.
    So, trumee, if you have a modem available - I suggest to give it a try with pfSense.