Packet Capture Destination IP with Opvenvpn Question

  • Hy,
    I have a Openvpn Tunnel set up. All Traffic from Interface1 is routed through the tunnel.
    I then included a NAT rule to redirect all DNS requests to pfsense, but I modified that rule to a specific DNS IP on the net (

    When I do a packet capture, I see all DNS requests, but all the time as "Destination" IP I see the Tunnel Server-IP, not the DNS-IP I redirected all DNS traffic to.

    So my question is:
    Does the VPN Routing apply after the Nat rule, so that the nat rule redirects DNS requests to IP x and that traffic is then routed to the Vpn server, so the packet capture destination IP is right, or is there something else I dont see?

    The funny thing though is, that if I dont have that Nat-Redirect-DNS-traffic rule set,  the devices inside the net can geolocate themselves, so my conclusion was, that some client-programs just ping some custom-DNS server and with the rule I wanted to redirect that and watch it via Capture. Or is it, that anyway all the traffic is routed through the tunnel and my dns-redirect rule redirects extranet DNS requests and that I have to capture packets on the VPN Server to see which packets are sent to foreign servers?


    edit: or maybe a logging in iptables would be the way to go? is that possible?