[IPlist] for [MX] and [SPF] records, probably useful for [pfBlockerNG]

  • hi folks

    I'v created a small script that allows the generation of an IP list for the inclusion of DNS MX and TXT/SPF entries in URL Table aliases or in pfBlockerNG.

    You can place it anywhere on your webserver where your pfsense has access to, or in your pfsense itself at e.g.


    and then you can do something like

    in your list source (either in an URL Table or pfBlockerNG alias). please note, that international domain names (IDN) require the php extention intl to be installed, and don't forget to also copy the spf-reslover files! see github page for more details.

    if it makes sense, it might be made available as a package? if you know how to do so, just let me know.
    otherwise it might also be an option to integrate it into pfBlockerNG so that it could be selected as an list format similar to whois.

    hope anyone can use it as well.