Which case is used by pfsense to build the SG 8860

  • Hello, I have already a supermicro board with 8 atom cores (C2758), 16Gb of ram and ssd.
    My problem is that in my actual stupid case I cannot fit an additional dual nic sfp. Could somebody say to me where I can find the SG 8860 case ?
    Thanks in advance but more importantly thanks for this amazing software!

  • afaik the case is custom made

  • SG-8860 is not a Supermicro. It is a custom-built case that you can't buy elsewhere, or buy at all without buying the 8860 board. It wouldn't fit a Supermicro motherboard anyway.

  • Ok … this one seems to me identical
    and I searched on chinese sites and I found that a similar if not identical case is used from quite a lot of time....Would you mind letting me know where you purchased it?

  • We have them custom built to our specs for all the ADI systems.

    For your Supermicro, you should look for a Supermicro case.

  • oh ok I see now …I never noticed until now that supermicro have the gigabit interfaces grouped in a 2x2 and yours are "in line"....and I saw Adi website now as well...Thanks for the infos...guess I should stick to a supermicro case.

  • guess I should stick to a supermicro case.

    It is not a must be and all is pending on what case size you will need, a desktop case or a 1U case.
    M350 very popular mini-ITX case
    SC721TQ mini-ITX tower
    SC101i mini-ITX

    1U rack mount:
    If you want to get a original SuperMicro 1U chassis that is matching and fitting well you should
    go to the website where your exact mainboard is shown and then please scroll down and have a
    look at the right side there will be all matching 1U chassis named with links. Watch for front and
    rear I/O ports. A1SRi-2758F

    Other popular 1U options: