Limit WAN bandwidth and share it evenly

  • Hi Forum,

    we are connected via a 1GBit leased line but we are allowed to use only 100Mbit synchronous bandwidth from this line - otherwise we will be charged with a higher connection fee.

    On our pfsense we have nets on LAN and OPT1 interface.

    What I want to obtain is:

    Limit the WAN bandwidth 100Mbit max and share this bandwidth (dynamically would be optimal) evenly between LAN and OPT1.

    I need some help in implenting these requirements.

  • LAYER 8 Netgate

    You could simply HFSC shape outbound WAN (uploads) with a 100Mbit upperlimit. If you make a queue for each LAN subnet and give them both the same queue settings it should evenly share the pipe.

    Downloads are trickier since you have two LANs. I see in the other thread you're using CARP so I presume you have a pfsync setup so that eliminates the use of limiters due to a bug.

    The only way I know of to do this with multi-LAN and HFSC is to place a node between you and the ISP shaping the traffic out one interface and into another node with LAN and OPT1.

    Gig-E –- Shaper node --- Gig-E --- WAN --- existing node --- LAN & OPT1

    Or you could use a 50Mbit upperlimit on each interface and they would not be able to borrow from each other.

    All in all you cannot control how fast traffic arrives from your ISP. Can they rate-limit what they send to you?