• im not sure whats the best way too go about this , i have a usb 3.0 ac wifi dual band , or a wifi dual band card , or a dedicated access point dual band (but its not always great)

    how do you have wifi ? i have usb dual band connected over wifi but 56mb connection is soooo low but i may have it set up wrong , id like it all in one but dont know whats best or is 1.3gb ac and dual 5ghz / 2.4ghz is possible first time using pfsense and i love it so wana use it in server and home networking

    thanks for any info

  • Wireless AC is not currently supported by FreeBSD. Avoid headaches and use an access point.

  • LAYER 8 Global Moderator

    AP is the way to go for sure. Give you ability to place where you want, adding more for better coverage if needed, etc.

    The unifi next gen AC are very cheap and start at 89$ for the lite model and pro is only $149, software controller for all the bells and whistles can be run on vm, on a little pc they sell for like $79 or in the cloud or any other machine you have about.  Have even seen instructions on running it on pfsense itself, etc.

  • nah about to look over it , been setting up alot , but AP it is :) thanks guys