• Hello, i have few suggestion for new feature in pfsense:

    -it would be nice if we could assign an interface admin, example i have an IT guy who his assigned to work with the accounting departement, so he could manage when logging in to pfsense the accounting interface rule and other related stuff.

    -it would be nice to have a openvn client download website ie: i wrote an how-to for the staff at my work: go to openvpn.mypfsense.url login with your credential and you will be able to download the openvpn client for windows(or other config file) that i have previously authorized to be in the download page.

    -i would also like to have an extra field in the dhcp server to add not for static ip client(i would like to let some information like login information of my switch or other important information for myself or other it)

    thank you for your help and i really love your product, i'm currently trying to get my work get one pfsense box for each of his site!!!

    p.s.:i try to do my best in english, but it'S a second language so be kind if i do some typo or mistake!