• Hello,
    During my project with a captive portal with pfsense i have to trace people who are connected. The configuration of my corporation have one proxy, the problem is when an user is logged he have to renseign the proxy with the hand. The idea is to have a VLAN dedicated for the captive portal (it's sure, my chief confirm the idea for the VLAN) and to have an automatic proxy for people who are connected on the wifi network.

    The second point is the tracability of users, we want to know what website wich users have visited after his login, the idea is to have a proxy in the vlan of the captive portal.

    How can i do, i am for sure able to join any documents and configuration

    Thank you really

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  • Hello,

    use a radius server for all internally employees and the captive portal for all guests only.
    Set them up in different VLANs and install Squid & SquidGuard & SARG to realize a proper
    logging for all actions you want. You could also setup static IP addresses and/or a user
    authentication for Squid. many ways are able to wake on.