Asrock beebox n3000 / re0 watchdog timeout

  • hi all,

    i grabbed a little asrock beebox n3000 to try out pfsense on.
    i currently have my wan coming in on a vlan 4094 and then my lan port is untagged (one network port)

    the problem is the re0 watchdog timeout. i know its been a lingering issue but im wondering if there is a bit of a workaround.

    should it relace it with a Jetway JBC311U93(W)-2930-B(S) Dual Gigabit LAN

    i would like to try and keep using the beebox if i could.

  • i would like to try and keep using the beebox if i could.

    Perhaps owed to that smaller case it would be overheating? And then the Watchdog is rebooting it?
    For building an smaller WLAN AP it might be going but for a real software firewall I really don´t know.
    Perhaps with a router software likes DD-WRT, OpenWRT, Tomato or something like this it would be more
    stable running based on the Linux basis that is more or near the hardware coded, but such a device is
    nothing for a real firewall.

  • The watchdog timeout is most likely a driver issue. Your best bet is to try the latest 2.3 snapshot and see if the newer driver works.

  • i am actually running the beta now. i have narrowed down the problem to the powerd option. leaving it disabled keeps me from getting the watchdog timeout. looks like the network driver does not like the power savings features.