Linksys USB200M V2.1 now (Feedback)

  • I just bought 2 USB200M V2.1  (usb to ethernet) adapters yesterday. Found out they would not detect under 1.2. Under 1.3 they seem to be working fine!!

  • This is great news.  This will help lower the cost of building an outdoor antenna, especially one on a mast.  And decrease loss of signal through long lengths of coax.  Care to tease us with throughput values?

    P.S.  Many thanks to the devs for putting up the 1.2.1 beta and 1.3 alpha snapshots!  I hope to play with them in aug. as time permits.

    EDIT:  I jumped the gun about the whole antenna thing.  As soon as I saw usb I thought of wireless usb nics.

  • Note since the base OS on 1.3 is the same as 1.2.1, you can also use these on 1.2.1. I typically don't advocate USB NICs, but good to hear these are working.

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