Redirect internal IP address

  • I want to be able to redirect email traffic on my pfsense to another local network connected to a different interface on the pfsense. When a user, who is connected to a network off of the pfsense, makes a request to my exchange server (e.g. it resolves to the public IP (e.g. I understand this part is working the way it should.

    I have the network that exchange is connected to accessible on a different interface on the pfsense. I want to resolve to the private ip address of

    I have been trying to figure out how to do this but cannot get it right… Outbound NAT, firewall aliases, host overrides in the dns resolver. Am I looking in the right place to do this?

  • Solved - I think.

    I disabled the DNS resolver; made sure I had DNS entries in System > General Setup > DNS Servers; Enabled DNS Forwarder and entered the host I want to redirect in the host override.

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    this is simple port forward, or inbound nat..

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