• Gentlemen:

    I am using the traffic shaper with Pfsense 2.3 to reduce bufferbloat. I am using CODEL on both the lan and wan connection. I am running Suricata in the Legacy mode and all works fine. When Suricata in in the Inline Mode the traffic shaper does not work correctly and does not reduce the bufferbloat. Any idea what is causing the problem?

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    G. Howard Krauss

  • I wonder if Suricata is acting as an additional buffer and it itself being the cause of the bloat.

  • Thanks for your observation. I wish I new what was going on with Suricata Inline Mode and the traffic shaper. The Pfsense is running on a Xeon server with 16MB and Intel I350 network card The hardware is the best and not an issue as far as I can see. I am back the Legacy Mode for Suricata until this matter is resolved.

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