Pfsense DNS / DHCP + Samba4 domain controller?

  • Hi all, I'm brand new to pfSense. I've previously been using dd-wrt on a small router/wifi, which included dnsmasq. Behind the firewall, I run a FreeNAS-based storage box, and I had it also running Samba4's domain controller service, so that I could setup a simple SSO for my home network.

    I've now changed over to pfSense, as part of the change, I moved around some hosts in my DHCP tables, and I'm no longer able to get the domain controller service from Samba to run. It complains that the nbt_server can't bind to port 137 due to NT_STATUS_ADDRESS_ALREADY_ASSOCIATED.

    Could this be something I've misconfigured in pfSense? I'm currently using the DNS Resolver, though I could switch over to the DNS Forwarder. It looks like pfSense prefers the resolver so I started out with that.


  • Hi.
    I'm assuming you're still using the freenas as a samba server, right?
    If so, it looks like your samba server is trying to use an interface/port combination already used by the server.
    In this way, unless you are trying to bind samba to a name.domain instead of a direct IP address (in which case it could be resolving to an already used IP through your pfsense dns box) I don't see many options on how the pfsense box could be directly interfering with your samba server startup.
    But who knows… :)