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    I have configured VPN on our PFsense Firewall (2.2.6-RELEASE ) via IPsec and everything works fine. We have but one user who needs to have a VPN connection up and running 24/7, but right now, at some time the VPN connection will kill itself. I´m pretty sure that this is most likely a default option in the Pfsense firewall. If yes what can cause this? I only found the Phase 1 proposal (Algorithms) Lifetime in seconds. Is that the right place to look? Furthermore the router of that one user doesn´t do an automatic breakup in the night, so that won´t kill the VPN connection.


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    Tried IPsec for some years, never really got happy. Switched to openVPN, stability is much better… Just a suggestion, maybe as a quick work-around ;-)

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    There is no automatic setting to disconnect IPsec users. I've had one connected for quite a while. It's up to the client.

    The lifetime for Phase 1 and Phase 2 only specifies how often they should renegotiate the keys and such, it doesn't disconnect the user.