Sat backup question

  • This may not be in the right section, but bare with me here!

    We have a satellite connection as a backup incase my main ISP goes down.  We've managed to get the failover to work quite nicely, yes it's a lot slower than normal, but a connection is better than no connection!  The problem that I had this past weekend was that when the main connection went down, people continued to use the secondary connection like it was normal! This killed that connection pretty quickly.  How would I go about blocking everything but email, pings and web browsing to the secondary connection. I don't want people downling things and killing my secondary connection when the main one is down.

    Any ideas would be appreciated!

  • You could change your allow all rule on the LAN interface to use specifically that gateway, and then create allow rules above it for HTTP SMTP etc that use the failover for the gateway. That way, the traffic that doesn't meet the requirements above is only allowed through the main interface.

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