WebGui and Passwords

  • Well, so far the alpha version is working fine. Only issue i see is the following:

    1. Password won't change from GUI, even if i go through general setup again and reload. ( i could change it from cmdprompt but it won't stick on next reboot)

    2. I can't seem to access the WebGui from any external public IP's. using same settings (Pfsense-1.2-Release & Pfsense-1.2-Beta both allow external ip's to connect to GUI)

    any ideas?

  • did you try going to the Users tab under System > User Manager > Click "e" button for admin username, then changing the password?

  • I will check it out during my rebuild tonight and post.

  • SOLVED!!!

    did a n00b rollover and didn't even see that tab. Works now and thanks for the assistance.

  • Great news, glad I could finally help someone.

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