Phase 2 BINAT same subnet on remote and local point to point

  • Is the BINAT feature for phase to for a situation where the remote network and the local network for phase 2 in a vpn is the same?  Does it allow translating to a intermediary subnet so that VPN can still be established?

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    Yes but if both sides have the same LAN then both sides must NAT.

    Imagine a scenario where Site A and Site B have for the LAN.

    Site A will use a fake/NAT subnet of, Site B will use

    Site A's P2 will have:

    Site B's P2 will have:

    And then to reach each other, they each use the appropriate 10.0.x.x addresses.

  • Thanks jimp.

  • So what about this situation:

    Site A:

    Using a (Interface with) subnet with different network. (Not part of VPN tunnel)

    IPSEC P2 Local Subnet is

    Site B:

    LAN is

    P2 local is using this subnet.

    What would be the proper way to use BINAT or is it not needed?  Will the IPSEC tunnel know to direct traffic for the going to through the tunnel even though there is annother interface using

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