LAN interface IP address from DHCP

  • is it possible to set up the LAN interface to receive an IP from a DHCP server elsewhere on the local network?

  • Why would you want to do that?  Remember, this is designed to be your outbound gateway - it has to be on a fixed IP address for that to function (otherwise, how will hosts find it?).

  • I'm trying to set up a firewall between our wireless AP's and our "real" network. If the LAN interface is connected to the inside network, a DHCP-assigned address (and default gateway, DNS servers, etc.) would be pretty handy.

  • You may need a drawing or something to let us know exactly what you need.  We sort of have the same setup I think.  We have several 20-30 sites with "Public" wireless access.  We have one NIC dedicated to the public AP's, blocking them from our corporate LAN.  So we have 3 cards, 1 LAN, 1 Wireless AP's, and 1 for WAN (DSL out for Public Internet access).  We are blocking anything from Wirless or Wan from getting to our LAN interface.  With our LAN interface we use to manage it remotely.  This may be a good start for you.  You would not want to use your internal DHCP, DNS, ETC for anything that the public will use anyways.  Just use the ISP's settings.  We have our pfSense boxes dialing out PPoE for the DSL connection.  Good luck!

    Like Jim said…this is your gateway still, assign it a static (that makes the most sense and easiset to keep up with.)

  • You'll want to use WAN rather than LAN on your LAN segment in scenarios like this. You'll want the default gateway to be assigned from DHCP, and the default gateway in 1.2 must reside on the WAN interface. You'll just need to adjust the firewall rules appropriately so you can access the management interface from the WAN side. Since it's inside your network, you'll likely want to disable NAT as well (enable AON and delete auto created rule).

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