Limiter on a schedule issue..

  • Hello all…

    Quick question...

    I have limiter on a 30/30 DIA for LAN users. From 6am to 6pm LAN users get 4/1 and then after 6pm, goes back to 30/30.

    What I would like to know, is how can you effectively control P2P connections, from users, that despite the schedule, maintain their high bandwidth usage even when the schedule is in effect...

    John uses bittorrent during the day when the limiter is in effect. He uses maximum for each user, which is 4mbit down. After work, he leaves his bittorrent running. After 6pm, his torrents engage the full capacity of the DIA link, which is 30mbit. In the morning, at 6am the schedule for the limiter is in effect, but John's bittorrents maintains it's high bandwidth connections despite the limiter schedule in effect.

    How can you enforce compliance to the limiter once the schedule is active?


    --why does this sound like a question on an exam??

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