UK Broadband

  • Looking for a little advice from people who use pfSense in the UK….i currently have a customer that uses 2 ISPs in the UK, and they are directly connected into different NIC's in the pfSense order to secure the network a bit and to VLAN some IP phones we are looking to utilise VLAN's for the WAN side as well.

    ADSL ROUTER1  ----- (VLAN10) |
                                                ---------pfSense (fxp0) VLAN Trunked WAN NIC
    ADSL ROUTER2  ----- (VLAN20) |

    Can someone recommend an ADSL router which has the ability to go into bridge mode and allow the ability for pfSense to be configured by the using of Static IP's.


  • In the past we've used the D-Link DSL-302T - I think the newer version is

    Otherwise try the Zyxel 79x series - theyre very stable and not too expensive.

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