Squid website logging per user

  • I recently starting using the transparant proxy server with pfsense which works perfectly!

    Before this I had users use a debian proxy server (also squid) but it wasn't transparant so users could still turn it off.

    Anyway, while moving the proxy services towards pfsense I'm missing my SARG tool.

    This tool created a html page with a list of users and which websites they had visited. I can't seem to find a package/function like that for the squid in pfsense.

    Would it be possible to install sarg manualy on ssh with squid? SARG requires apache and I have no idea if it works under freebsd.

    It doesn't have to be SARG btw, anything with some kind of nice log output/website feature would do fine.

    Anybody have any suggestions on howto do this?

  • Try installing the 'lightsquid' package.  Enable logging in the squid config page, then go to status, proxy report and you should be golden.  I use it to log by IP, but I assume through the options you can configure for DNS names or maybe even some kind of 'user'.

  • Cool stuff! Thanks mate, must of overlooked this package because it seems to have the same functionality as SARG.

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