1.2.1 to 1.3

  • on upgrading as a test I noticed that all the Interface IPs had been wiped. The only way I could get access was to do a factory reset then redo the LAN ip. Then I was hit by the bug with IE7 not working with the logon bits. So I can not tell you anymore than that.

  • Does it work with Firefox?

  • Yes, it should work fine with firefox,  the IE logon problem is a known issue.  See the sticky post at the top of this forum.

  • I didn't have firefox installed to test it but the main prob was that it wouldn't upgrade with my settings. Changing the browser is fine when you have internet but it is a huge prob when the IP settings are lost for each interface. The strange thing is it knew what interface was what.

  • This is why you don't put alpha software on your primary firewall.  The whole point of this release is for people to test, not for them to shoot themselves in the foot.

  • I know that but I wanted to test and see how well the upgrade path was it is no big deal just to pop 1.2 back on off a cd then restor config.

    As of in the case there was a problem with my installation in spacific with upgrading and carrying the data over.

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