Help with link balancing with 3 links

  • Hello guys,

    I have 2 ADSL modems (, and 1 rádio link ( The LAN address is
    The 3 WAN links are plugged in the switch, in VLAN10, VLAN20 and VLAN30. One cable is plugged in the switch on a tagged port with the 3 VLAN and connected to pfSense NIC.
    Question: how I can create a link balancing? I have created a gateway group called LoadBalancing and configured VLAN10GW, VLAN20GW and VLAN30GW at same Tier1. It is correct?
    I ask because this not worked. Only one link is used.

    Thank you!

  • Rebel Alliance

  • Yes!

    I have created a firewall rule in the LAN interface with an advanced option that set the gateway.

    IPv4 * LAN net * * * LoadBalancing none

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    From the description of your config, it sounds correct, but without screenshots of the gateway config, gateway group config, and rules it's difficult to say what it might be.

    Also be aware that packages like squid that intercept traffic will only leave via the default gateway since that traffic originates from the firewall and cannot be balanced.

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