DNS stops every few weeks

  • My DNS Service stops working every few weeks. It shows the stopped icon in service status. When I start the service again it works flawlessly for some time. This is pfsense 2.2.6.

    I had the problem with dnsmasq a few month ago, where dnsmasq stopped every Sunday night. I changed to unbound with success for about six weeks, when it happened again, same symptoms. I have around 12 pfsense installations with just minor configuration differences on the same hardware and only one installation shows that behavior.

    When unbound stopped yesterday night, there was another event taking place shortly before: The second WAN interface came up again. There is a routing group with two WAN lines, in fail-over configuration. It seems the second WAN line lost connection for abaout an hour and came up again, then unbound stopped, writing to the log it did so but without any further error or notice. I did not change the default options on unbound and I don't see the frequent unbound reloading/restarting that some people reported in the forum.

    Any help would be appreciated.
    Thank you, Adrian.

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