My New PFSENSE Build

  • I'm seeking some opinions for my next router build. My current router was built 2 years ago and it was made with at that time 3 year old PC parts. My requirements for my new build is that it is a small footprint, lower power consumption and provide 1 WAN and 1 LAN interface.

    Anyhow, Ive got all these parts on order and I will post pics when i get it all assembled.

    MOTHERBOARD = Intel DQ77KB Thin Mini-ITX motherboard
    CPU = Intel Celeron 1610 2.6GHz 55W TDP
    COOLER = Dynatron T459 Low Profile Active Copper
    RAM = Kingston 8GB 1600MHz DDR3L SODIMM
    CHASSIS = iStarUSA D Value D-118V2-ITX 1U server chassis
    PSU = Bestek 90W 19V 4.74AMP AC Power Adapter
    HDD = Samsung 840 Evo Pro 120GB SSD but changing to 120 GB 840 Evo mSATA SSD

    Addon = Considering adding a Dell iDRAC 5 Remote management card. thought?

    Any feedback is appreciated.

  • What is your wan connection speed?
    What packages are you intending on running?

    What you have listed will definitely suffice for most purposes

  • I just run pfsense, SNORT and PFBlockerNG. My needs are only a strict connection for home use.

  • Then your spec is overkill, an i3 would work

  • I agree about the i3 or possibly even a celeron. The issue is that the i5 was given to me recently so there is no need to run out and by a CPU just for this I may skip on the mSATA and use a standard HDD. I also have a Dell DRAC5 remote access card laying around i am wondering if it will run on pfsense so i can see the console without attaching a monitor to the box.

  • i shouls also mention that with this build, im considering future beyond that of a router. This setup will actaully be stout enough to run as a desktop as well.

  • That's awesome dude, I love that power supply a lot too! +1

  • @Soarin:

    That's awesome dude, I love that power supply a lot too! +1

    I'll be posting photos this week when everything comes in. I appretiate the keudos.

  • As promised, here is a few pics of my new build. I should point out that, I've got it running but since decided to order a Samsung 840 Evo 3D NAND MSATA SSD to use instead of the standard SSD. I'm also waiting for a few 40x40x20mm case fans to come in the mail as well as a PCIE riser to install my Dell DRAC5 remote management card. Lastly I need to modify the lid for the CPU fan because when the lid is on, it sits perfectly against the fan without bulging it and stops it from being able to pull in air. Should I do slots or cut a circle and put a filtered grill on it?

    I did go into the bios and modified the CPU fan from 20% minimum duty / 100% maximum duty to 70% min / 100% max. With the default my CPU was average 43C and with the new it average 32C.

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