Possible Hardware problem…

  • I built a pfSense router today and the installation went smoothly, I noticed that when I connect myself to it via LAN that it keeps me connected for a few minutes, then it disconnects me. I've done a factory reset and that didn't work either. It was working last night but then it just stopped existing.

    CPU: Pentium G3260
    RAM: Kingston 4GB DDR3
    1st NIC: Realtek RTL8111G
    2nd NIC: TP-LINK TG-3468

    The pfSense machine is still running when this happens, I believe it may be the NIC since I heard Realtek may have problems.
    :o :P

  • This isn't helpful for your current situation, but if you ever get the choice, just get Intel NICs.

  • Might want to try 2.3, newer base OS has some fixes in the Realtek driver.

  • Is this perhaps owed to a power saving option inside in the BIOS?

  • Rebel Alliance

    Maybe. Chipset would be nice to know.

    Also: Post dmesg Please.

    @devs: Does the pfsense-FreeBSD-kernel support alpm (Agressive Link Power Management)?

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