Multiple ipsec tunnels from one LAN

  • Hey there!

    I've been hacking away with this problem for a few days now to no avail.

    I have 3 locations, Site A, Site B and Site C

    My goal is to have a tunnel connection from Site A to Site B, and one from Site A to Site C

    I have tried a few ways of pushing the traffic around but whatever I do the traffic always ends up being pushed through the Site A to B tunnel and refuses to acknowledge the Site A to C tunnel

    any assistance would be very appreciated

  • Do B and C have the same LAN subnet? If so, they can't. If not, then your P2 from site A to B over-matches such that you're telling it site C's network is at site B.

  • No they are on different subnets, the subnet setup i have currently is the following:

    Site A:
    Site B:
    Site C:

  • How are your P2s configured?

  • If you could post up your configs, it should make it a bit easier to troubleshoot.


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