Multi Wan Support

  • Hello,

    I have a small problem with the config of my pfsense cluster.

    My setup: 2 boxes with carp fail over.

    LAN –>  x.x.121.23/27 (Mgt and Backup (Port switched of on switch))
    WAN --> x.x.121.25/27 NFZ (carp 30. all traffic above 30 will routed over the 121.30)
    Opt1 --> x.x.121.60/27 DMZ
    Opt2 --> x.x.121.90/27 next subnet network
    Opt3 --> x.x.121.120/27 next subnet network
    Opt4 --> x.x.121.150/27 next subnet network

    Each of this networks has a carp IP as gateway (30, 64, 94, 124, 154) for the servers in the subnet.

    Into the subnet of the Opt2 subnet I have now to route a different subnet  x.x.120.252/30, where the 253 is the box and 254 the gateway in the moment, I tried to configure the gateway as carp (other), but it will not become active.

    The 120 network will be routed through our carrier to the gateway of our 121 network (121.30).

    I tried it before with the IP on the LAN interface and it was working, but I don't want to spent a eth device only for this box (DNS).

    The boxes are connected to a leased line in a datacenter.

    Any hints for the routing??

    Thanks in advance


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