Speed problem when using VLAN tagging with 10 networks on one interface.

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    Possible bug?

    We are in the process of consolidating most of our networks onto one firewall.  We have 10 networks all converging to a single gigabit interface.  During testing, the network was working at 1000BaseT full duplex.  We start adding networks with VLAN tags all on IGB0 and all seems to be fine.  After the 10th VLAN on the interface we see the speed drop to 100BaseTX and half duplex.  Looking at the interface we try to adjust the speed and Duplex the only option is 100BaseTX.  We hooked up the IGB1 interface and it connects at 1000BaseT full duplex and we start moving the VLAN's to that interface and when we hit 10 at does the same thing 100MB half duplex.  We then connect to the built in interface BCE0 and the exact same sequence of events.

    We investigated by going into Interfaces -> WAN -> Advanced and under speed and duplex the only option was 100BaseTX

    We resolved it by going into the /cf/conf/config.xml file and changing <interfaces><wan><media>autoselect</media></wan></interfaces> where before it was 100BaseTX.  After making the change we went into the interfaces -> WAN -> Advanced -> AutoSelect on the web UI and it came up at 1000 BaseT

    Please let me know if you need any more information to diagnose the problem.

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  • I don't think this is a bug. I've got a box with an igb trunk with around thirty vlans, they all still show up at GB speeds.

  • LAYER 8 Netgate

    Kind of need to know what version of pfSense you're seeing this on.

  • The 100baseTX will only be there if you set it there.

    The only possibility outside of explicitly setting it on that interface that I can think of is this issue where interface assignments with VLAN changes can end up shifting, in which case maybe a VLAN ended up changing assignment to another interface that had 100basetx set, but that doesn't sound like the case.
    situation described in:

    Guessing it's more likely you're assigning a VLAN to an interface that had 100baseTX set.

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