Calculate Internet usage per machine

  • I'm using pfsense version 2.2.4 with three network interfaces: One is for LAN and other two are Internet facing.

    I need a report that shows me daily/weekly/monthly data usage per machine. I want to ignore the data transfer between two machines within LAN. The report should include the data in and out per machine only for internet facing interfaces.

    I tried the following plugins: Bandwidthd, Ntop and Lightsquid but I was not able to generate such report. All plugins includes internal LAN traffic as well.

    Can someone point me to the right plugin that can show me the data that I require?

    Thanks in advance.

  • You could try out Squid & SquidGuard & SARG plus setting up user authentication which would be
    able to add one device per user and then you will get a detailed report over that Internet access.

    The other thing is to install PRTG for monitoring for the entire network, to get this detailed informations
    about all PCs and or each single one.

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