Problem with local domains routing to pfsense

  • When I first setup my pfsense server I setup the domain field to be but later realized that I can't access that domain because it routes to the wrong lan server. So I removed it from the domain field but still routes to instead of

  • More information… must...have ... more... information!!!

    What domain field where? Are you talking about DNS records, the General settings on PFS or something to do with network routing? Start by stating exactly where you have made changes (screenshots, maybe?) and what you are trying to do exactly.

  • LAYER 8 Global Moderator

    domains are not routed.. FQDN resolver to some IP and then sure how you get to a specific IP is routed.

    Are you actually using or you trying obfuscate your actual domain?

    What exactly are you wanting to accomplish?  Are you trying to get some domain name you have registered on the public internet to resolve to pfsense WAN ip?

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