Squid3 not authentic at all, in AD

  • Hello everybody, my squid3 not authentic way of AD users any, already set up several times in the logs the message that appears is TCP_DENIED / 407.

    I am sending attached images configuration and denial of access.

    The domain controller is Windows Server 2012 R2.

    The pfsense user who created to connect to the domain controller is part of the Domain Administrators group.

    So friend, where I am going wrong?

    Thank you !

  • No one can help me? :)

  • These are free forums. Almost no one uses SQUID. Either get paid support or wait patiently for someone who knows how SQIUD works.

  • Hardly anyone uses Squid? I found it odd when you said it, Squid is widely used in pfSense, at least here in Brazil.

    I'll keep waiting and also keep looking on the internet.

    Thank you !

  • Tambem estou com o mesmo ´problema….

    Squid não é amplamente utilizado?!?!?! ÁÁ Váááá... kkkkkk

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