SG-4860 - Priamry Node dead

  • Hi Everyone,

    We recently purchased an SG-4860. I was able to configure High Availability thanks to
    this  guide

    The primary node just bit the dust and the guide doesn't touch on what to do
    when one of you nodes has to be replaced. Can anyone give me some advice or direct
    me to a link on what to do.

    Thank you.

  • dead as in hardware failure ? I'd guess contact support

  • Hardware is dead. We are already in the process of getting an RMA.
    What I wanted to know is the configuration I have done for High Availability,
    when I get the replacement unit what steps do I need to do get be back
    on High Availability. Sorry if I was not clear on my initial post.


  • Just restore your primary's config backup. You have a backup of it?

  • OK. Thanks
    FYI… the unit was not really dead.
    We were told that the capacitors in this model takes a while to discharge.
    When we had a blip on our power, the ups where the unit was plug into
    somehow did not hold the unit up. All we had to do was unplug the power
    cable from the unit for a few minutes to let the capacitors discharge. It came
    back up after plugging the power cable back in.

    Thank you

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