Invalid Netgate RCC-VE?

  • I'm trying to rebuild my Netgate RCC-VE that after restoring configs from another 2.2.6 netgate seemed to have broken the serial console. It boots and I can access via http and ssh, but serial sits there with:

    Boot: F1

    And then nothing after going through the boot cycle, IE I can see all the initial booting up to that point. Before I restored configs I vaguely remember that | spinning.

    Anyways, can someone check and validate the Netgate RCC-VE image that is available to on the download page? I've downloaded from 3 different mirrors and used img burn and a couple other burners and all report an invalid .img file, so I'm kind of stuck.  :-\



  • There's nothing wrong with the image. 
    When you apply the config, it changes the console port from com1 to com2 or vice versa.  When the ADI box was new, there was a huge thread about it.  I'll see if I can dig it up.


    Review that thread.  Should shed some light on the situation.

  • @almabes:

    Review that thread.  Should shed some light on the situation.

    Ah that could be why I lost my serial port when I did a restore config from a different netgate. It would be much nicer if I'm able to use the existing pre-installed stuff I paid extra for buying one of these, instead of starting from scratch.

    My issue above those is I can't even burn the .img file to a CD, I guess it's meant for a USB stick only? I just put it on a stick using win32 image writer, I'll try using that if I have to, but sounds like all I need to do is go back and edit some configs that were clobbered from the restore.

    Thank you for the response.


  • All figured out from my initial post and broken serial console after a reload of configs. The thread you gave me, while not my issue, lead me to my problem. When I reloaded configs from a different (older) netgate, serial console in loader.conf was reset to 9600, instead of 115200. Simple change in my putty config and I'm on the original install. I'll replace loader.conf with their default one and get rid of the one that was wiped over from a restore.

    Thank again,


  • It'll keep the serial console enabled on the appropriate port, but yes if your config has a different baud it'll change the baud to that in your restored config. Change that under System>Advanced to 115200 and it'll stay that way. Don't change the loader files manually, they'll go back to your config file's setting eventually.

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