Ping WAN VIP from LAN

  • Hi -
    Awesome software, thanks.

    I am running into one small issue.  I setup VIPs on the WAN.  These are Proxy ARP.
    I setup Port Forwarding and the Rules to go with it.

    From outside the LAN I can access the resources no problem.

    From inside the LAN I can't even ping the VIPs.

    From inside the LAN I CAN access the services on the WAN ip.

    I have heard this called a loopback or hair-pining.  I've heard some routers don't do this.  But it seems I am doing this on the WAN IP just cant do it on the VIPs.

    I have the default allow LAN -> * rule.  Anywhere else I should be checking?

    Is Disable NAT Reflection relevant here?

    any help would be great.
    (this is not an emergency, I did not bring an untested firewall onsite to a client and now need immediate help with this free product.  I use it in my office and I like to try new things.

    I'm sick of seeing the paniced yells for help from people that didnt do their homework and now want some free support for the free product.)

    whew /RANT

  • heh

    Unchecked Disable NAT Reflection and it works.

    Strange that even though it was checked I could still do NAT reflection on the main IP.

  • Are you really really sure that you can ping these VIP's now?
    Because it's NOT possible to ping proxy type VIP's.

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