OpenVPN Configuration Values Lost - 1.3-ALPHA-ALPHA-20080707-0705

  • Clean install.

    Running into bug Ticket 1675?

    Configuring an OpenVPN client creates the required files (.key .crt .ca), but doesn't save key/cert information in the file.  Errors out in logs as similar to below:

    Cannot load certificate file /var/etc/openvpn_client1.WANUDP.crt: error:

    If keys/certs are manually placed in the required file, VPN links.

    .tls file is not created at all, but value is retained in web interface box.

    All other key/cert data seems to get lost every time the save button is pressed.

    Similar problem occurs when trying to import CA's for OpenVPN server.

    Even so, looks like this version has great potential.

  • I have the exact same issue on 1.3-A-A.  Other than issues around keys the OpenVPN implementation looks good.

  • There are some issues with OpenVPN that remain to be worked out, it's still a work in progress right now.

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