Unbound weird behaviour

  • Hi,

    I am relatively new to pfsense. Had it running on an ALIX for about a week with no problems. Then upgraded to an APU. Backed up the config, restored it on the APU. All fine. But all of the sudden unbound stops working intermittently. It is listening on UDP/TCP 53 but it is not giving answers. Stopping and starting it usually helps. I disabled (the non working) ipv6 and things improved. However a few minutes ago same thing happened again. A few minutes later it started giving out answers again (Ipv4 only and then hanging) and another minute later everything is back to normal and fast.

    Cant see anything specific in the logs but I am not sure what to look for. Any idea how to debug this?

    Forwarder, DNSEC enabled, both DHCP boxes ticked.


  • Try Unbound without using forwarding checked, it is not mandatory for Resolver/Unbound to function.
    DNSSEC is strict, if your forwarding-to-server(s) are not compatible, then delays possible.

    Assure that in the other DNS method Forwarder/DNSmasq, the boxes are unchecked.

  • LAYER 8 Global Moderator

    Where are you forwarding too, that really is not the optimal mode of operation for unbound.  Might as well just use dnsmasq if you just want to forward.

    Why are you not using unbound in resolver mode which is default?  what exactly are you trying to resolve when its slow?

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