Route showing up I did not ask for.

  • Is their anything that would add / update routing tables without explicitly being put into the firewall?

    The back story:
    Location #1 - - servers, port 2 of four port NIC
    Location #1 - - lan (users), port 1 of four port NIC
    Location #1 - WAN - Port 0 , four port NIC
    OpenVPN to Location # 2

    Location #2 - - LAN, port #1 on four port NIC
    Location # 2 - WAN , port #0 on four port NIC

    The above has worked great for many months (14+).  I can't say enough about how consistent this has been.

    The change that was made:
    I moved the Location #1 servers to Location #2.
    Not much had to change.
    Disable Location #1 Port 2 interface
    update routes on OPENVPN gateways.
    Use Location#2 Port 2 NIC interface and setup same subnet.

    I did learn about the route flush command that night!  :)

    Still with me?
    This worked fine for almost two months.
    I had someone call and complain about no connection to the servers.  The VPN was saturated to a printer!  I bounced the VPN and fixed?  For a few minutes.

    Then it went sideways. was using ~256kb up and down on the vpn… The attached route table showed the problem...  Somehow this server (windows) was added to the route table (loc#2) to go over the VPN when it was local.
    The Location #1 route table showed the same.  So it was ping pong back and forth till it TTL'ed....

    Can something else update the route tables?

    What I ended up doing was using the route flush command and then adding back (route add) each route by hand on both boxes. 
    This morning I rebooted Location # 2 and the route table showed | OpenVPN ip gateway <--- good      | OpenVPN ip gateway <---- ?? why!

    I'm looking for direction and or understanding as to what could possibly cause this. 
    Route flushing and restarting the vpn and gateways would bring back the problems.  Manually deleting / adding the route tables was the only way to make it work.  I fear a reboot will break it again.

    ![2016-04-01 - Diagnostics_ Routing tables - Internet Explor (2).png_thumb](/public/imported_attachments/1/2016-04-01 - Diagnostics_ Routing tables - Internet Explor (2).png_thumb)
    ![2016-04-01 - Diagnostics_ Routing tables - Internet Explor (2).png](/public/imported_attachments/1/2016-04-01 - Diagnostics_ Routing tables - Internet Explor (2).png)

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