Configure port forward to access LAN server?

  • My home had a fixed live IP address and I installed a pfsense router for a gateway to share the traffic. My desktop get the LAN IP is When I in the office, I want remote access to my home desktop. How should it be done? I can remote access to the pfsense router but not my computer. I also tried to configure the port forward but I duunno how port forward work?

    My study case

    Internet -> pfsense (***.***.186.127) -> Desktop (
    Public IP address     LAN IP address

    How do I put the port forward setting to remote access to my home desktop?
    Could someone help??

  • Go to Firewall –> NAT and create a portforwarding.

    What kind of remot access to your computer do you want?
    Depending on the remote-access software you need to farward multiple ports.

  • just need to access my home desktop http web and https for my wireless access point.

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