Need help plz, new user of pfsense,

  • hey all. have a good day.. i m new here using pfsense.. i have installed pfsense in vmware.. now i want to know what steps i move on.. i mean what i doafter the installation of pfsense… what are the steps to learn... help will be appreciated. thanks !!

  • you don't have todo anything …. it all depends what you wish to accomplish.

    try to ask specific questions

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    "what i doafter the installation of pfsense"

    Use it to route and filter the traffic leaving and entering your network that passes through pfsense ;)

    As helper mentions - what you want to do with it? If your not going to ask specific questions then I suggest this will get you 2 things that can be very helpful in using and learning pfsense

    A living digital copy of The pfSense Book (700+ pages) in HTML, PDF and other formats, available for immediate viewing after purchasing.
    Monthly online Hangouts! A video conference hosted by a rotating selection of core developers with occasional special guests. A list and preview of past videos can be found on our videos page.

  • @shoaib2:

    what i doafter the installation of pfsense…

    You do know this is a firewall, don't you?

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