Wan acceleration/optimization

  • Has anyone had any experience with an open source (free) solution for WAN optimization or acceleration?  looking for a stable open source solution which has a great user base similar to pfSense.

    Not wanos as that product requires you to pay.  Very expensive!

  • What do you mean with WAN optimization? Your are able to set up a pfSense firewall as well to be optimizing 
    the data flow. And in normal you will be not able to speed up the Internet line, only your ISP can do this for you.

    For sure if you are able to optimize your hardware set up to gain more speed and a smooth and liquid
    data flow on the WAN port.

    Xeon D-15x8 Board
    With software that is using Intel´s DPDK

    Xeon E3 v5 - CPU cores @3,7GHz
    Xeon E5 v4 - 10 core CPU @3,1GHz
    Netgate or ADI Intel QuickAssist adapters
    Chelsio adapters that are fully offloading the entire NAT process

    You can also offload entire processes likes the VPN part by setting up a VPN Server in the DMZ.
    Xeon E3-1287v3 @3,4GHz
    Comtech AHA600 VPN or
    Comtec AHA363PCIe
    Gigabyte GA-6LISL
    16 GB ECC RAM
    CentOS & SoftEtherVPN

  • kapara means devices which take inefficient protocols designed for LANS and compress, spoof, and/or proxy them for more efficient transfer over a WAN link.

    We used to use boxes from bluecoat (I think…) to accelerate CIFS/SMB, MAPI, SQLnet, and a raft of other protocols. When our WAN bandwidths were low (<1Mb/sec), these boxes did great jobs. Now that our WAN bandwidths  are much higher, they don't make a noticeable difference and we retired them.

    Unless you are working with a very low bandwidth (or very high latency) link, I doubt you'll notice a difference using an accelerator.

  • I know this is an older thread but wanted to mention that we use WANOS for WAN optimization in conjunction with pfsense at our four locations. The OP mentioned WANOS is cost prohibitive… in relation to Silverpeak and Riverbed its actually much, MUCH less expensive and your getting a much more polished and capable product than anything I have seen available for free. For low speed connections 2/20 (thats up/down) the cost is $0. We have wanos VM at each location and they are extremely stable, running months on end without issue. Just my .02.

  • I just wanted to mention that protocols are really really latency sensitive. I have a dedicated 150/150 connection at home and my work has a 10Gb link with 3Gb provisioned and 6Gb burst. I normally have a 30ms ping to them and certain applications like SMB or MS-SQL can take seconds before they respond for certain interactions. When my work fails over to my ISP, I have a 2ms ping and everything is instance, like I'm at work.

  • Indeed boxes accelerating (kind of) protocols like SMB are not increasing bandwidth but are, assuming you have one on each side  ;), sending back local ACK to fight against latency.

    Some protocols, like SMB, have been written to work on LAN only and are very verbose, requiring frequent ACK between client and server. By handling ACK at the border of each LAN (faking in fact remote client or server), these boxes are still very useful, whatever bandwidth, if you have network with significant latency.

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