Multi WAN 3 site VPN with VoIP

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    We have 3 sites which are curently connected via VPN.  we have a PBX at the main site with  the main site has an ADSL connection running at 14/.8 .  the two remote sites have ips in the range 10.0.10.* and 10.0.20.* these sites both have ADSL connections.  Because of the severely limiting .8 upload speed, when people are browsing or remoting in to the main site, the VoIP gets very very choppy to the point where it is unusable.  I have setup QoS using to make sure the VoIP has priority, but even still it seems to be horribly bad (perhaps i have set it up incorrectly?).  As a way of trying to fix this problem we have purchased a 4G modem which is now connected to the pfsense box as multwan.  How do i set up the firewall rules so that the VoIP data only runs through the 4G connection?  I have setup a rule where traffic from runs through the 4G gateway, but when i look at the traffic data for the connection it only shows 200kbps or so on the ADSL conneciton and nothing through the 4G connection.  The other thing that im not sure of is whether the pbx does pass off, ie if one person calls from the main site to a remote site.  The picture is on the LAN tab on the firewall rules settings.
    ![PBX FIREWALL.png](/public/imported_attachments/1/PBX FIREWALL.png)
    ![PBX FIREWALL.png_thumb](/public/imported_attachments/1/PBX FIREWALL.png_thumb)

  • Do you have any 1to1 nat setup?  If you assign that gateway to a pc and do a whatismyip which gateway shows up.  You really need to provide a detailed representation of your setup if you want someone to help.  People are not going to waste their time playing 20 questions.

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