Pfsense 2.2.6 hangs up while install on Thomas Krenn Supermicro 2 CPU server

  • Hi!

    I'm having a problem with hanging pfsense 2.2.6 distro while trying to install it on a Thomas Krenn 2 CPU sockets server.

    Below you can find some server details and ERRORS I'm getting while booting…

    BIOS : X10DRL-i, 1.1a, 07/11/2015
    Motherboard: Supermicro X10DRL-I
    CPU: 2 x  Intel Xeon E5-2620v3 6 core 2,4GHz 15MB 8GT/s
    RAM: 4 x  16 GB (1x 16GB) ECC Registered DDR4 2133 RAM 2 Rank (Bestprice)
    HDD: 2 x  200 GB SATA III Intel SSD MLC 2,5" (seria DC S3710) -- HW RAID-1
    NET CARD: 2 x Intel I350-T4 Quad Port
    NET CARD:  2 x  10 Gigabit Intel X710-DA2 SFP+ Dual Port

    I'm getting this while install pfsense 2.2.6. (see attachment)

    Spin lock 0xffffffff811c5590….
    panic: spin lock held too long
    KDB: enter: panic

  • Hi!

    UPDATE: The server has 2 CPUs.

    When I do a BIOS CPU limitation (MAX: 3 CORES) the installation process continues, in other case it is still giving an ERROR. Even if I do the install of a system and switch off CPU BIOS limitation, the system is NOT LOADING, giving same error.

    Is there any possibility for pfsense to use all available CPU power ? Is there any trick to solve this ?

    Any help will be needed!

    Grzegorz Leśkiewicz

  • Rebel Alliance

    Try switching off Hyperthreading in Bios. Maybe the kernel in 2.2.x only supports 16 cpus/vectors for 16 cpus?

    Also: Did you try the 2.3RC? As the 2.3 release is imminent and the RC is already quite stable.

  • Hi!

    I've already disabled the HT function these days. All is OK, but it is not a solution. Same thing is happening while pfsense v2.3 install. I tested all the newest pfsense releases, none is working with 2 CPU and HT enabled - Installation hangs up ! :S

    Somehow, 2 CPUs without HT is much better option than 2 threads / 1 core and 1 CPU option supported by the system.

    Let's wait, maybe some day a fix will come to this issue.

    Grzegorz Leśkiewicz

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