Does Beta3 still subtract 20% from the WAN/LAN Bandwidth?

  • I'm testing Beta3, and it's great.  Can someone chime in and let me know if Beta3 is still subtracting 20% from the input WAN/LAN values as far as bandwidth?  I know previous versions did and I'm tweaking my values a little…  The web interface doesnt seem to indicate that the values are being modified???

  • no they aren't modified.

  • It's up to you to set your bandwidth limit. 20% might have been a bit conservative. However, I recommend running some bandwidth test with the shaper turned off first. Test upstream and downstream. I have not yet seen a line that had exact the advertised speed. Some are a bit slower, some even a bit faster. Don't trust your provider  ;)
    In case your line is slower than advertised and you use the advertised values shaping won't be successful when reaching your lines limit.