Newbie SSH problem

  • Hello all,

    I am completely new to PFSense so I am sure this is just a simple configuration error on my part but I am unable to connect via SSH between two machines on the same LAN. Here is the setup:

    For the PFSense box, I have the SG-2220 with wifi.
    I have a bridged interface setup which is acting as a wifi access point.
    Both clients (One is ubuntu gnome and one is fedora 23) are connected to the wifi and have IP's on the same subnet

    When I move both boxes off of PFSense and onto my ISP's router, I can SSH between them just fine. When they are connected to the PFSense wifi, they cannot ping or SSH. I have tried disabling the firewall entirely and they still have the same issue.

    I have googled and searched these forums and not found anything with this particular error. The closest I found was one relating to windows boxes not being able to connect to each other due to the built in windows firewall, but as I said, these two boxes can SSH when not connected to PFSense.

    Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you!

  • LAYER 8 Netgate

    Check your wireless interface config and see if Allow intra-BSS communication is unchecked. If not, check it.

  • Brilliant! That was the problem. Thank you so much for the quick fix!

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